Piano Teaching

Piano teaching and voice coaching

Shirley has been teaching piano for exams and pleasure since 1995 and is a fully qualified PGCE Music Teacher. As a peripatetic musician, she works for several public and grammar schools and has a thriving private piano practice teaching all musical styles, classical and theory to children and adults of all backgrounds and abilities. She teaches beginner to Grade Eight (AB and Guildhall exams) including SEN to the very gifted. Her students are frequent recipients of prizes and music scholarships.

Shirley has an outstanding exam pass rate. All of her grade 8 AB pupils gained pass, merit and distinction at the ages of 15, 16 and 17 years!   She is a dedicated teacher and regularly organizes concerts, festivals and fundraising events for her students.

Her work in schools includes teaching and providing piano accompaniment for Nursery/Reception music and movement classes as well as whole school song practice, choir training (for local and competitive performances), concerts, shows, assemblies, productions. She has composed musicals for her schools which have been performed at various venues including the Compass Theatre, Ickenham.   She frequently performs with other musicians and instruments for the London Borough of Hilingdon. She can teach, play and sightread in all musical styles and to all backgrounds, abilities and ages.

In 2003, Shirley won a Millenium Award from the Peabody Trust for creating a pilot Performance Arts School at St. Mary’s Church in London, for disadvantaged children. She devised and staged a show along with harvest supper for the local community using music, dance and drama, and arts. Due to Shirley’s efforts to obtain a grant from the Peabody Trust, the show and harvest supper was provided free to the children and local community. 

In addition to her own musical compositions, she has produced many other musical shows and concerts, including Cabaret and The Jungle Book.

Shirley has considerable experience in coaching and accompanying child and adult singers as well as accompanying all instrumentalists for exams, concerts, festivals, dance, choirs, musical and dramatic societies, and all other occasions in London and the local community. She works in a wide variety of styles and is an excellent sight reader. She can play most pieces in any style required. 

Her students are all very musical and in addition to playing many other musical instruments, many also receive voice and dance training. Shirley’s wish is to create an all round musical education for her pupils, both privately and at the schools she teaches at. She accompanies and teaches all styles of music, coaches her piano pupils on all of their other instruments and helps train them to sing and play the piano at the same time.

Shirley teaches privately both at her pupils’ homes and in her own. Please email shirleysalzedo@yahoo.co.uk for further information on her schedule and rates. She is located in Northolt, London, on the Northolt Central line and South Harrow Piccadilly line.